Busy week for all our sections, as well as our Leaders!

Our Beavers have been learning how to pitch tents as part of their Camp Craft Badge this week, and also learning how to cross the road safely as part of their Safety Badge. We also had a fire drill where we set off the alarm and had them assemble outside, which they did REALLY well with no panic or rushing – exactly what we wanted……

Our Beavers also did 26 laps of Cwmbwrla Park, raising money for Children with Cancer UK’s Cheeky Monkey Challenge

Our Cubs went to Go Outdoors to climb the climbing wall – some of them didn’t want to climb, but eventually all of them ended up doing it – WELL DONE !!!

Meanwhile, the Scouts had a good night working on badges….. our fledgling Explorer Unit learnt about Global Issues, which required them to “carry water” as if they were in a country where there is no readily available water supply, and understand what will happen to the island of Kiribati as a result of global warming….

Also, some of our Leaders attended the DVLA Festival of Learning to capture volunteers and promote Scouting ! 

Catch some pictures and footage of all of those events !


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