Sandcastles and helping the community

This week, the Beavers and Cubs held their annual District Sandcastle competition. We entered 2 teams of Beavers and 2 teams of Cubs. They made some really creative sandsculptures on the theme of Sea Monsters.

They had a great time, and as a bonus, our Cubs won the Deepest Hole competition !

Then it was burgers and pop before hometime…..

The Leaders and one of our Explorers also helped out at the Swansea Special Festival, providing the timing for the young and old to enable them to take part in an Olympic-style competition. We all had a fantastic time, and met some wonderful people, who were all very friendly and happy to see us. We’d like to thank them for their hospitality and opportunity to meet some incredible swimmers, who had grit and determination like you’ve never seen before. We are looking forward to helping next year.

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