Cash for Communities 2018 – a big chance !

This year, we have been lucky enough to be selected for the South Wales Evening Post/South Wales Echo “Cash for Communities” scheme…..

This means that we are eligible for a portion of a £25,000 fund!

To obtain this, we need to collect as many tokens as we can from editions of the South Wales Evening Post and South Wales Echo, and make sure that we get them here at the Group.

The important thing is, the more tokens we collect, the BIGGER THE SHARE OF THE £25,000 FUND WE GET !!! so make sure that you collect the tokens, your friends, neighbours, family and even work colleagues collect them for us!

The tokens start on 8th January and the last token is printed on the 8th March. We’ll need those tokens coming in thick and fast !!!!

Dont forget also to share this among your Twitter friends, Facebook Groups, and other social media too !!!