Big Beaver Sleepover 2018

Swansea and Gower District BIG BEAVER SLEEPOVER 2018 – 47 Beavers, 130+ badges, 15+ leaders, hot dogs, indoor campfire, madness,lack of sleep, friends, adventure, Investiture…….

Lots of fun – the Beavers of the 4 Colonies within District stayed overnight at Manselton’s HQ and enjoyed crafts. knotting, biscuit making, aboriginal painting, games, a campfire, and First Aid.

Most of thenm finally went to sleep at 2:00am ! pretty early really for that many Beavers !

What is most satisfying is that the Beavers worked really well and got on with Beavers from ALL Colonies, showing the true nature of being part of the Worldwide Family of Scouting

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