It’s a Scout Thing !!!!!

The Scouts took part this weekend in the inaugural “It’s a Scout Thing” – a manic, wet, fun-filled day of games. 7 Teams took part from across the District. Our Scouts chose “Chuckle Brothers” as their team name  – other team names were “364 Foot Crushers”, “May the 4th Be With You” – you get the picture !!!
The games each had a theme – Weely Welly Water, Clowning Around, Nuclear Waste, Ski-Loons, Scuba-Scout, Walk the Plank, Chicken and Egg, Dogs ‘n’ Sheep.

The finale was a chariot race with a twist – check out the videos and pictures below to work out which game was which !

Also, we had a radio broadcast from Radio Oystermouth with a roving reporter (Louisa !) interviewing parents, Leaders and Scouts.

(Don’t forget the Leaders race at the end !)


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A MASSIVE call out must go to the following people and organisations, without which the event wouldn’t have gone ahead :

Timpson‘s for donating a fantastic shield,Radio Oystermouth for broadcasting the event, Sketty Church for allowing us to use their field

Our own Paul Smith (who’s bonkers idea it was in the first place!) and his wife Jane for scrounging, donating, and massive support……and all the Scout Leaders who put time and effort into constructing the games.